My range is lower than excepted

There are a number of factors that can contribute to the range your Power Pack reaches during a ride. The terrain, weather, ride input, bike weight and of course the hills!
A good start is to ensure that you are using the correct power settings for your ride, the lower the setting and increased rider input will ensure the longest range on each ride. 


Please take a look here to adjust your settings - 

If this has not helped to solve your issue, please carry out the following tests below: 

1 - Disconnect the power pack from the bike.


2 - Spin the wheel backwards, taking particular note of any resistance or noise.


3 - Repeat this with the power pack connected to the bracket.


Please let us know if you notice any excessive noise or resistance. Secondly, I'd like to check that the wheel size setting is correctly programmed for your wheel. 

Following the above guide, I'd also like you to perform a factory reset of your power pack.

It is worth noting that the range estimates provided for the power are not a guarantee, and can be affected by many factors such as terrain and elevation throughout your ride. 

Please email us at if you notice a change in resistance and none of the above has helped solve your issue. 

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