No power to my motor wheel

Sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with your Swytch kit.


Let's carry out 3 quick tests together to help diagnose the issue and get you up and running as quickly as possible.


1. Can you please check both MOTOR cable and PEDAL SENSOR cables are plugged in correctly and that there are no loose connections? 


Example of motor cable connections below. 

2. Check pedal sensor alignment and ensure light flashes when pedals are turning. 


The red light on thee sensor should flash each time one of the silver magnetic circles passes the sensor. This can be hard to tell while cycling. 


If so - Plug in the Pedal Sensor and activate it by hand by waggling the magnet disc back and forth in front of the sensor. The red light on the Pedal Sensor should activate and the motor should turn.


Please ensure the distance between the disc a sensor does not exceed 6mm and stays central during the pedal stroke. 





3. Please can you activate the walk test mode? 

You can do this by holding down the down arrow button. The right side lights should begin to blink and the front wheel should start spinning at a smooth and constant speed. Let us know if the kit does not behave in this way.





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