OLED Display Instructions

This is our premium OLED display, which brings you all the standard LED display features and information on distance travelled. Plus, you’ll get to monitor your top speed and change the wheel size (useful when swapping between bikes).

This display has 4 buttons, the yellow button on the top of the display turns the display on and off. The M button below the screen is to select what mode to display. The up and down arrows are to change values when in the settings menu.


Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to install the display


A list of the settings available is below:

  • Unit Type (MPH or KM/H)
  • Wheel Size (16"-36", for accurate speedometer readings)
  • Password (optionally set a password required for usage)
  • Auto Off (set the time in minutes until the power turns off when idle)
  • Moving speed 
  • Battery (check current battery voltage)
  • Info (check the firmware version)


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