Adjusting your brakes

Once you have installed your Swytch motor wheel it is always good practice to ensure your brakes are Once you have installed your motor wheel it is important that you check your brakes are adjusted and working correctly! 

Adjusting your rim brakes: 



  1. Make sure that the surface of your brake pad is in contact with the braking surface of your motor wheel. 
  2. Ensure the brake pad is not rubbing against the tyre wall at any point. 
  3. You may need to adjust the brake pad slightly to ensure contact with the braking surface.
  4. There will be a small nut that will allow you to loosen the brake pad and adjust it by sliding it up and down. 
  5. Once adjusted, give the wheel a spin by hand just to double-check check the pad does not come into contact with the tyre at any point. 
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