Accessory Manuals

You can find copies of our accessory manuals below. Click the links labelled (PDF) on the left-hand side to view.

Manual PDF Hyperlink Component Image
LED Display Manual (PDF) LED Display
OLED Display Manual (PDF) OLED Display
Thumb Throttle Manual (PDF) THUMB_Throttle.jpg
Twist Throttle Manual (PDF) TWIST_Throttle.png
Inline Brake Sensor Manual (PDF) BRAKE_SENSOR_2.png
Hydraulic Brake Sensor Manual (PDF) Hydraulic_brake_sensors.png
Universal Torque Arm Manual (PDF) torx_keyshot.100.png
Narrow Torque Arm Manual (PDF) Narrow_Torque__2_.png
Seatpost Adaptor

Seatpost Mounting Position Adaptor (video)
Seat_Post_Render_1.765 png.png

Bro Block Manual (PDF)

Bro Block Fitting (video)

Bottle Cage Adaptor (PDF)


Screenshot 2023-11-15 091536.png
Display Arm Manual (PDF) inline858541578.png
Bro Peg Manual (PDF) Screenshot 2023-11-20 145215 - 2.png
















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