Which Pedal Assist System should I pick in the GO Order Portal?

There are three pedal assist options (PAS) in the GO Order Portal, and each one suits different bikes.
Here is the detail of each type and some example setups they will suit:


1. Standard PAS Disc

This disc fits the majority of pedal setups. It's designed to connect between the bottom bracket and the crank arm, leaving ample room to fit the sensor. You will only struggle to fit this disc if the crank arm and bottom bracket are connected very closely.


2. Universal PAS

If you don't have enough room between the bottom bracket and the crank, so can't fit the standard PAS disc, then you will need the Universal PAS. It connects to your crank arm and lets you mount the disc further back, creating space for the sensor to measure your pedalling accurately. This ensures seamless regardless of your bike design.


3. Integrated PAS

The integrated PAS is designed for specific bottom bracket types with 22 splines or a Shimano fitting. To find out if you require this, you'll need to remove your crank arm and make sure you have the correct type of bottom bracket, like the one shown here:


image (176)1.png


Still Not Sure? Contact Us

If you aren’t sure which PAS to select, no worries, we are here for you!

Open a support ticket making sure to include images of your crank setup. Our technical team will then identify the best PAS option for your needs.

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