How do I buy a Swytch Kit?

Sign Up and Pre Order

To get the best priced Swytch kit, and the latest models, you will need to sign up on our website, within a week you will then be invited to pre-order your kit during one of our launch events - its that simple! 

Ebay and Amazon

You can purchase a Swytch kit on Ebay here -

Or on Amazon here -

These kits are limited wheel sizes and are sold subject to availability, the delivery times for our Ebay and Amazon kits are much shorter, but they are sold excluding the pre-order discount. 

In your local Bike Shop

We have a network of local bike shops in the UK, where you can purchase a Swytch kit instore. Check our test ride map, and give your local shop a call, to see if a kit is available. 

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