Which Swytch Kit should I buy?

There are two ranges of Swytch Kit that you can purchase, subject to availability. 

The AIR/MAX Range

These kits are available during our launch periods at a discount by signing up, or they can be purchased on Ebay or Amazon.

The key features of the Swytch AIR MAX range are - 

The smallest & lightest eBike kit
Easy to install on 99% of bikes
Multiple range options up to 30km
Maximum road-legal speed for your region

The GO Range

These kits are available during our launches by signing up only. These kits are in their first stages of pre-order and will be launched publicly in 2024. 

The key features of the GO range are - 

Much lighter than the average eBike
Available in all standard wheel sizes (including 26" and 28" / 700C)
Average of 20 or 40 miles range on 1 charge with 250W power and 15mph top speed
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