How to fit the Hydraulic Brake Sensors

Brake sensors are an option add-on accessory that customers can purchase. Without the brake sensors the motor will still turn off a moment after the pedals stop turning or the throttle is disengaged.

Fitting the brake sensors requires the brake cable to be removed and replaced. If this is not done properly then the brakes may not function correctly, which can cause a serious accident. If you are not confident with working on your bike’s brakes, then we recommend taking the bike to your local bike shop or bike mechanic help to fit the sensors.

If you’re going to attempt to fit the brake sensors with no previous experience with working on brakes, fit only one brake sensor to the rear brake and leave the front brake without a sensor as a backup.




1. Fit the hydraulic brake sensor to the outside of the brake lever

a. Stick the sensor to the brake lever base

b. Stick the magnet to the brake lever



2. Check the position of the sensor

a. The magnet should be close when the brake lever is not used & far when brake is engaged

b. Plug the sensor(s) into the handlebar bracket

c. Test by turning on the power pack and holding the ▼ button to activate the walk mode and
check the brake sensor stops the motor turning


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