What is my wheel size?


The kit comes in all industry-standard wheel sizes, from 16" all the way to 28"/700C/29er. 

Check the video below to check where to find it and how to work it out:



Ask the bike seller

If you purchased online: Check the bike details on the retailer's website, there will be a "specifications" section which should list the specific ETRTO wheel size.

If you purchased in-store: The ETRTO wheel size is often in the specifications manual that came with the bike, alternatively, the retailer will be able to advise. 

Check tyre markings

Most bikes have the ETRTO wheel size marked on the side of the tyre. 

The images below summarise where to find the ETRTO, French version and English version tyre markings.  Swytch Wheel sizes match the last three digits of the ETRTO marking.

Using the picture below, the ETRTO marking 47-622 means that the 622 Swytch Wheel would fit this tyre. ETRTO markings always take the form of ##-###.  Once you find the ETRTO marking, you can use the table below to match it to the Swytch Wheel size.

Group 34494.png
If you can not find any markings on the side of your tyre, then the next option is to measure it yourself.

Measure yourself

A final option is to measure the diameter of the rim in mm, which is the approximate equivalent of ETRTO:

  1. Place the tape from the centre of the wheel to the tyre's inner edge where it meets with the rim. This is the inner radius of the tyre (R). [E.g. 317mm].


2) Multiple R by 2. You now have the diameter of the rim. [E.g. 317*2 = 634mm]
3) Subtract 10mm from the diameter. [E.g. 634-10 = 624mm]
4) Match your measurement with the Swytch Wheel size table above, it should come within ±3mm [E.g. 624mm = 622 Swytch Wheel]
A marking on the side of the tyre is a more accurate and easier way of finding out your wheel size and should be used whenever possible.


Are you still unsure?

If you are still unsure, feel free to open a support ticket and we will be happy to assist you.


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