What is Pedal Assist?

The Swytch Kit is a pedal-assist system. This means that as you pedal, the power kicks in, and when you stop pedalling the power stops.

The Pedal Sensor

The Swytch Pedal Sensor fits by your pedals and detects the cadence of your pedalling. This sends the signal to the power pack to provide power to the motor. The Swytch kit provides a  "SMART PAS" pedal-assist to deliver the optimum power for your ride, without needing any manual rider input. This means you can just click on the battery, start riding, and you'll get a powerful but totally natural feeling boost. As you continue your journey the motor will adapt to you by providing you more or less power depending on your cycling speed, and how fast you are pedalling.


Watch this video to see exactly how the pedal sensor works:

(This is our original kit, so the Power Pack is larger, but it fits the same way!)

Throttle option

If you wish to use a throttle, we offer two types of throttles as an add-on that simply plugs into the handlebar bracket. With the throttle fitted you can get power to the motor without pedalling. For more information, please see: Can I use a throttle?


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