Which pedal assist sensor (PAS) is most appropriate for my bike?

Which PAS should I choose?

We have recently launched a new and improved Universal PAS that fits 100% of bike pedal and bottom bracket types. It is very flexible and can be configured in a number of ways to suit all situations. Therefore you are no longer required to select the PAS in the order portal.

You can see more specific info on page 10 of our latest instruction manual at this link:



Here is a screenshot of the new improved design that will be included with your order:



And here is a summary of the different ways it can be configured:



Therefore we no longer require customers to provide information about their pedal type in the Order Portal!


How do I measure my Pedal Gap?

Due to the new Universal PAS included in the order, you are no longer required to measure the pedal gap.


Brompton Bike Options

The pedal bike design of Brompton bikes was changed in 2013, which means there is a different crank between Type A and Type B Brompton. For peace of mind, we now include both types of PAS with your order to ensure that you get the correct PAS to fit your bike. So you are no longer required to specify which type you have.



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