Installing a Thumb & Twist Throttle

Before we begin, you will need a 3mm Allen key to alter your handlebars and tighten the throttle. It is worth noting that the throttle is designed to be used on the right-hand side of the handlebars. Unfortunately, the design of the throttle means that this accessory is not compatible with drop handlebars.


Both the throttle require the same steps to fit onto your handlebars. The twist takes up slightly more room is the only difference. 


Step 1: Loosen your right handlebar grip using the Allen key. Once the bolt is sufficiently loose, it should slide off of the handlebars with ease. Now your handlebars should look something like Fig. B.



Fig. A. 



Fig. B.



Step 2: Slide the thumb throttle onto the handlebars as far as possible without interfering with your gear-shifting setup (if applicable). Once you have found the correct spot for the throttle, tighten it in place with a 3mm Allen key. It is worth ensuring that the throttle is rotated so you can comfortably engage it with your thumb while holding onto the handlebars.


Step 3: Connect the throttle cable to the orange-tipped waterproof connector on the handlebar bracket, lining up the corresponding arrow markings between the cable and the connector.




Step 4: Reattach the handlebar grip, checking that there is enough space to fit it with the addition of the new throttle. If the grip can no longer comfortably fit onto the handlebars, experiment with moving your gear shifting system further towards the bracket (so long as the cables are not close enough to be pinched or pressed by the bracket).


NOTE: As in the installation pictured below, you can optionally tighten the handlebar grip without adding the end plug to create a small amount of extra space.








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