Swytch Order Portal: How to Complete My Order

Thank you for your Swytch Order!


Now you have placed your pre-order we'll begin manufacturing your 'base' kit, this includes your Power Pack, connector, motor and pedal assist system (PAS). 


A few weeks later, we'll need some more information from you, things like your bike's wheel size, your delivery address and any optional extras you would like to add to your order. (If you purchased a previous generation kit from us you may receive your link to complete your order portal within a few days.)


If you haven't received your order portal invite yet don't worry - we'll invite everyone with plenty of time to complete their order.


After confirming your order we'll send you an email from Crowdox with a link inviting you to the Order Portal. Here you can confirm your selections, including your wheel size, add-ons, extras, and delivery address so we can begin to manufacture your custom-built Swytch kit!

After clicking on the link in your email, you will be brought to our Order Portal where you can complete your details in four easy steps. It is important to go all the way through to ensure your order is completed. 


Step 1: Order Details

Step 2: Extras

Step 3: Shipping Details

Step 4: Confirmation


First, find your order portal invite email - it should look something like this:


Click the green button in the Order Portal to begin!




🔘 Step 1: Order Details

Select the country you want your kit delivered to. If you can't find your country, please first check that the currency you used to pay is the correct one:

Currency Delivery to
£ UK


USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Rest of World
Europe, Channel Islands

If your currency is incorrect, or you can't find your country, please contact us.

Next, select which kit type you need. This is your opportunity to upgrade your order to a MAX Power Pack, opt for a black wheel or for the narrow forks kit.




Universal vs Folding Kit

Read the full article

The Swytch Kit works on any bike as long as it doesn't have thru axles or hub, roller or coaster brakes. To confirm whether you require the Universal or Folding kit you will need to measure the front fork width as shown below. If your fork width (measured at the lowest end) is around 100mm, then please select our Universal kit, but if it is narrower (74-80mm) you will need our Brompton kit.

Our Folding kit is designed for the narrow Brompton forks, which are 74mm wide. This specialised motor is also suitable for other bikes with narrow forks such as a Dahon (80mm).


Wheel Size

Your wheel size should match one of the markings on the table below. Usually you will be able to find this written on your bike tyre, in the ETRTO, English or French format. To find out what Swytch Wheel size you need you will need to look for the three digit number, or if there isn't one, the larger of the two digit numbers (bold on the table below).


Swytch motor wheels can take any width tyres from 1.1-2.35 inches (28-60mm) - this corresponds to the smaller number written on your tyre. If the width is outside this range you will need to locate a different tyre to fit our kit or opt for our hub-only kit.

For more details on how to measure your wheel size, click here.



➕ Step 2: Extras

Here you will be given the opportunity to add a second kit to your order.

You can also add a range of accessories and add-ons to your order such as displays, throttles, brake sensors and Swytch branded t-shirts. We recommend adding the torque arm if you have a bike with old forks (30+ years), carbon forks, or narrow forks such as the Brompton.

You can find out about the various accessories we offer by searching our Help Centre.



🚢 Step 3: Shipping Details

Confirm the address where you'd like your items shipped too.

Can't see your country? If you have paid in the wrong currency you may not be able to see your shipping country on our list. For example, only orders paid in GBP can be shipped to the UK, as the price included the local VAT and import taxes. If you believe you have paid in the wrong currency, please email us via our webform and we will be able to assist you.
Different countries have different shipping and tax fees. You can learn about the shipping and taxes for your delivery destination in our Terms and Conditions.

🔒 Step 4: Confirm Your Order

Check your order and personal details are correct before submitting your order.

If you have upgraded your kit, or added accessories to your order you will be asked to pay the remaining balance.


Please note: You will be required to enter your post/zip code with your card details. Please ensure that you use the same post/zip code registered to your card - which may not be the same as the delivery address! Having payment issues? Please refer to this article.








Previous Generations

Do you need information on our Generation 1 or 2 kits, rather than our newest model? You can find all of that here.  https://swytchbikelegacy.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/sections/4829657183377

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