What are the available Power Pack options?

The choice of power pack depends entirely on your preferences and needs. Planning to use the Swytch Kit casually? The Swytch GO would be the right choice for you. If you're planning on longer trips, the Swytch GO+ would be ideal. And if you want to maximize the range of your power pack, the Swytch GO++ is the way to go!

If you would like to convert a folding bike, we recommend looking into our AIR/MAX Folding Kits which are compatible with narrow fork bikes most commonly sold by manufacturers such as Brompton.

Please see more technical details below:

GO Specifications:


We have three Power Packs in the newest Swytch GO range; the GO (180Wh, 15-20 miles range) GO+ (310Wh, 30-40 miles range) and the GO++ (378Wh 45-60 miles range).


The dimensions and weight are:


GO: W265mm H146mm D73mm & about 2kg


GO+: W265mm H146mm D73mm & about 2.5kg

GO++: W265mm H146mm D73mm & about 2.5kg


AIR/MAX Specifications:

Our third generation of Kits features two Power Packs; the AIR (2.6Ah, 10-15km range) and the MAX (5Ah, 20-30km range). 

The dimensions and weight are:

AIR: W212 H100 D25mm & about 0.7kg

MAX: W228 H100 D36mm & about 1.1kg


Group 33854.png


What kind of range can I expect on my rides?

 Of course, the range can vary on each ride depending on various factors including:

  • How hard you pedal (the less pedal power you contribute, the less range you get)
  • How hilly is the route (the more hills, the less range you get)
  • Your average speed (the slower you cycle, the more range you get)
  • Other environmental conditions (are you cycling into the wind?)

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