OLED Display

We have two display options to choose from, an LED and OLED display. These displays allow you to gain more access to settings and display certain information such as battery level and speed. 






The one pictured above is our premium OLED Display. This features a super contrast 1.3" monochromatic OLED screen that will be clearly visible come rain or shine. It has solid 2D tempered glass and is fully waterproof with an IP65 rating. 


  • Speedometer
  • 4 Levels of Assist (Eco, Standard, Tour, Turbo), and a No Assist Option
  • Trip time, trip odometer
  • Total trip distance, average speed, and max speed

Accessible settings: 

  • Speedometer unit type - MPH/KMH 
  • Wheel size change from 16"-36"
  • Password lock
  • Maximum speed settings
  • Auto-off function - set timer for the kit to automatically turn off to save battery

Previous Generations

Do you need information on our Generation 1 or 2 kits, rather than our newest model? You can find all of that here.  https://swytchbikelegacy.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/sections/4829657183377

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