Which Display option should I pick in the GO order portal?



In the GO Order Portal, you will see two display options, our LED display and OLED display. Here is a break down of what each display does.


LED Display

Upgrading to the LED display allows you to manually select between 5 assist levels and check the battery charge. You can see the full settings menu in the manual.


OLED Display

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The OLED display offers all the features of the LED and more. You'll unlock access to trip data on a full-text OLED screen such as total distance travelled and a speedometer, allowing you to have extra control over your riding experience. You'll also gain full access to the kit's settings. You can view our OLED display manual.

If you pre-ordered our bundle, you will have the chance to upgrade to the OLED display.


Do I need a display?
The Swytch GO will function perfectly without a display. But, if you want full access to control the power level at the touch of a button then we recommend adding a display to your order.


How does the Kit control the power with no display?
The GO kit is simple to use. Without a display, the Kit works by pre-selecting a single power level. If you want to control the power levels, the LED display will enable that functionality. If you're looking to unlock extra features such as your trip data (speed and distance) and access to the full settings, then the OLED is the choice for you.


Still Not Sure? Contact Us

If you aren’t sure which display works for you open a support ticket and we will be happy to help!

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