Where is my order?

Based on what stage your order is at there are different ways to track it's progress. Take a look at the sections below for more information. 

I have completed my pre-order

Congratulations! You have secured your Swytch Kit, but before we pack and ship your order, you will need to complete your Order Portal, which will be emailed to you 5 days after you make your pre-order. 

In the Order Portal you will be able to specify your wheel size, let us know your delivery address, and purchase any accessories you would like. 

If at this point you need to change regions, you can do. Because of tax regulations we will need to refund your order and make a new one that you can complete in the order portal. 

I have completed my Order Portal

Once you have completed your Order Portal we will 'lock' your batch, at this point we will get on with making, packing and shipping your kit and we will deliver it on the timeline you selected when you pre ordered the kit. 

From this point on, your order is officially 'locked' and if you need to make any changes to the contents of your box it will be subject to availability. 

We will send you updates to let you know the kit's progress and any relevent updates to your batch.

My Kit has been dispatched from the Factory

Once your kit has been dispatched from the factory you will be able to track it's progress using the order tracker here. You will see an estimated delivery date - this is the last date that we aim to deliver your kit. If your order is not at your door at this date, and you haven't received an update as to why, then please get in touch with us. If you need to change any address details - this is the last moment that you can do it. 

My Kit has arrived in my region, and has been uploaded to the local warehouse

You will receive an email from us, letting you know that the order is uploaded and will on the way in the coming days. At this point the details of your order are completely locked and details can only be changed in extreme circumstances. 

My Kit has been dispatched from my local warehouse

At this point you will receive an email with tracking and courier information, you will be able to go onto the courier's website and track your order. Once your order is with a courier the quickest way to get an answer regarding delivery is to contact them directly. Swytch will not be able to see any more detail than you can on the courier's website. 

My kit hasn't arrived or I have a different problem with my delivery

You can get in touch with our team here who will be happy to help you trace your delivery. 


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