Can I pause delivery / put my order on hold?

We completely understand that during the manufacturing or shipping process for your pre-order you may need to temporarily pause delivery until after a certain date in order to ensure you will be available when the courier delivers this to your door, and therefore we will endeavour to help you achieve this.

To request for your delivery to be paused, please check below for instructions on how to do this depending on your current order status. Please refer to your order tracking ( in order to see your current status.

How to pause delivery before the 'Order Dispatched from Warehouse' stage:

If your order has not yet been dispatched from the warehouse, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team to request for this to be paused. To open a support ticket, click here: 
Once you are available again, please get back in touch via the same support ticket where our team will be able to arrange for this to be resumed as soon as possible.

How to pause delivery after the 'Order Dispatched from Warehouse' stage:

Unfortunately, once an order shows as dispatched from the warehouse this is with the courier and we are unable to pause this. Please get in touch with the courier as soon as possible who can advise next steps and if a delivery hold is possible. Please note this may not always be possible however so try to give as much notice as possible. 

Contact information for the couriers can be found here. Please CC on all communication with the couriers so we can advise on further action if needed. 

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