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Which extras do I need for my Swytch GO?

You’ve Swytched your bike with the all-new Swytch GO, congratulations!

It’s time to consider which eBike accessories you may want to add to your Kit in our order portal. Browsing the long list of options available may be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve done the hard work for you by compiling a list of the most popular ones for our GO Kits.

Take a look below:

A display

Opting for the sleek display is a great way to unlock all your extra trip data at the click of a button. We have two displays available, an LED display or our premium OLED display. They have a range of features including allowing you to easily track your remaining battery life, switch between extra power modes, plus the option to turn your Power Pack off while riding, so you can conserve your battery for when you really need it! Our OLED display also allows you to track your speed and trip distance.


Upgrade Your Power Pack

If you're like us, then there's no such thing as too much range. That's why we've created a 60-mile (97km) battery option, the GO++. We've used the most advanced, high-capacity lithium cells on the market to pack in significant extra range, but with the same size and weight. A great way to shrug off range anxiety for good! If you want to upgrade your battery or add an extra GO++Power Pack to your order after your order is locked, chat with our customer service team. 

To get the best range from your eBike, you need to ensure that your Power Pack is fully charged and stored correctly.


Group 34623.jpg


This is one of the most popular eBike conversion kit accessories. Placed on your handlebars, the throttle is a great way to add an extra boost of power by simply pushing or twisting it. This is perfect for assisting with steep climbs or pulling off. We have designed two types of throttle, a twist throttle and a thumb throttle. With a throttle installed, you can use the bike with little or no pedalling yourself.
We recommend that these are used off-road or within private land, as in some regions, such as the UK, they are not road-legal and therefore are subject to other laws.


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